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Quick Bites

  • Schools in Tompkins County and beyond (including even New York City) have begun to drop or ease mask and other mandates as COVID cases decline
    See my thoughts here
  • Temperatures are creeping up in Ithaca and it’s beginning to feel like Spring as colleges and universities begin to set off on their midterm breaks
  • Three projects with connections to Cornell University have been selected to recieve over $7 million by New York State to advance clearn energy technologies

Does this cat have rabies? The Tompkins Health Department needs your help.

The Tompkins County Health Department found then lost a new furry friend – and it’s a biter.

A small to medium sized black shorthair cat with a collar that lives around the area between Linn Street to North Tioga Street and East Marshall to East Tompkins Street. It bit a person on March 3 at around 9:15pm on N. Tioga Street in Ithaca.

Those with information are prompted to call the Environmental Health Division at 607-274-6688

Worried about your own pet? Tompkins County will be hosting a drive-through rabies vaccination clinic at the TCAT Bus garage on Saturday, March 12. Preregistration is required and can be done here.

Academics Voicing their Support for Ukraine Amsidst the Invasion

181 Nobel Prize winners have signed a letter condemning the Russian Federation and President Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Drafted by Cornell’s own Roald Hoffmann, a 1993 Nobel prize winner in physiology and medicine, the letter says the Russian invasion blatantly violates the United Nations Charter and other international agreements.

“Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers, Russian soldiers, and Ukrainian civilians, including children, have died already. It’s so sad, so unnecessary. We gather in this appeal to call upon the Russian government to stop its invasion of Ukraine and withdraw its military forces from Ukraine.”

Hoffman was born in 1937 to a Polish Jewish family in a part of Poland that became part of Ukraine after World War II. His family was hidden from the Nazis by a Ukrainian family that he and his relatives are still in touch with. Hoffman also spent a year abroad in Russia as a graduate student, giving him a connection to both countries.

Other Cornell Nobel laureates in physiology/medicine, economics, physics, and chemistry also signed the letter.

Agriculture Meets…Virtual Reality?

The Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is saying it has created “the most advanced virtual reality urban farm tour ever made”.

Using drones and a technique called photogrammetry to create a virtual model of an urban farm in Brooklyn so that people can explore it in a sense without leaving home.


A paper on the effort was published in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Cities.

Urban agriculture is a growing phenomenon with a lot of benefits including increasing food yield and improving neighborhoods as the world population continues to grow and urbanize.

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