Featured Work & Resume

WICB’s Ithaca Now:

  • Reopening Ithaca (2021)
    • Themed news magazine program
    • Led collaboration between Cornell and Ithaca College reporter teams
    • Edited, curated final episode and acted as contributor

Radio Newscasting on WICB:
TNT Radio Productions
  • The Museum (2021)
    • One-Act Play, Written, Directed, & Produced
NewsChannel 34
ICTV Reports



  • UpstateSmash.com
    • Website gathering resources, writing, and history on Upstate New York’s Super Smash Bros. competitive scene
  • JayRBradley.com
    • You’re looking at it!
  • IsaiahFitzhugh.com
    • Commissioned portfolio site for YouTuber ThaGreatIsaiah (currently offline)


Up to date as of: April 2024